Tyron Woodley thinks Rory MacDonald and Nick Diaz are ‘sharing the same bag of weed’

I’ve got news for you, Tyron: Nick Diaz isn’t going to share his weed with Rory MacDonald. There’s a good chance Nick Diaz isn’t going to share his weed with anyone because it’s already gone, he’s smoked it. Do you have any, by the way?

So for as humorous as Woodley’s comment is, it’s just wolf tickets.

“[MacDonald] should have taken the chance when he had it,” he said. “You were ranked the third welterweight in the world. Being a gatekeeper, beating top guys. And then when it came down to fight GSP, he didn’t want to do it. I’m pretty sure Carlos has had some training sessions with GSP at Greg Jackson’s camp. When it came down to fighting him, he stepped up to the plate and was trying to take his head off. I think that’s where the ball kind of dropped in his court. I think it’s kind of comical that he thinks all of the sudden he’s just going to jump in front. Same as Diaz, thinks he’s going to jump in front. I think they share the same bag of weed.”