Tyron Woodley says he’ll beat up Rory so bad he’ll have to get a title shot

See, even if Tyron Woodley beats up Rory like we haven’t seen since Robbie Lawler, I still think Robbie is next in line with a win over Matt Brown. And for that matter, I think Matt Brown is ahead of Woodley. Both of those men have better wins and more wins in their last respective outings than Woodley, but I don’t think we’ll ever hear Woodley shut up about it.

That isn’t to say Woodley isn’t supremely talented, he’s just another win away from a title shot, even if he beats Rory in Canada this evening.

“I think the best performance is going to get a title shot,” said Woodley. “My goal is really to focus on beating Rory MacDonald in a dominant fashion. Everything else, whether they give me a shot or not, I’m eventually going to win the world title; I’m going to be in the title picture.”

“I think they’re trying to put a fire underneath me, underneath Rory, underneath Robbie and Matt. I don’t think anybody is getting awarded anything. This is the UFC. You don’t think they can switch that and change the promos on the spot? I think it’s performance-based.”