Tyron Woodley says Carlos Condit is a point fighter. Hmmm

I don’t know about you guys, but when you win 27 of 29 fights via stoppage, you usually don’t get branded as a ‘point fighter,’ but that’s what Tyron Woodley said about Carlos Condit. You know, Woodley, the guy who has 4 decisions. Twice those as Condit. Yes, Woodley has developed some hands lately, but if anyone’s a point fighter, it’s Tyron. I haven’t seen such a bad case of the pot calling the kettle black in god knows how long.

This is what Tyron said to MMAJunkie:

“He point fights. He moves around. He sticks and moves. He doesn’t just come out there and start banging on people. That’s not his style. He comes out there, and he overwhelms you with volume. He point fights.”

“Point fighting is point fighting,” Woodley said. “When you have enough points and you overwhelm guys, you do have the ability to finish toward the end of the fight. He makes you chase him, and when he has enough points, he’ll finish you.”