Tyron Woodley Not a Fan of How UFC Gives Title Shots

Tyron Woodley is definitely a guy who will be in line for a title shot if he keeps on winning in the UFC, but he seems displeased with how the UFC decides who fights for the title. Sure, I’m not sure that Tyron Woodley has a solid claim for a title shot just yet, but what he is saying makes a lot of sense. If the UFC really wants to be taken seriously as a sport, maybe Tyron Woodley has a point. Then again, maybe not. [source]

“I think we need to have some consistency and a rubric to make it more of a sport,” Woodley said. “I feel like [there are] guys that are legitimately putting themselves in that position to fight for the title by working so hard, and we should be given that shot, not just look at the fans saying, ‘That was a good fight. I want to see it again.’ OK, well, if you saw the NBA finals and it was a great series between the Heat and OKC, you don’t get to run it back just because it was a great last game of the series. The winner’s the winner.”