Tweet(s) of the Day: Joe Rogan Calls Out Media; Talks Jon Jones Comments

UFC commentator Joe Rogan is known for his diverse opinions on a plethora of topics weather it be fighting, comedy, science, etc..

On a recent episode of his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan discussed the popularity of UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones with guest Mike Dolce. Rogan pondered on the thought that some of Jones’ lack of fandom could come from racism.

I don’t know why Jon is not more loved or popular than he is,” Rogan said. “I don’t understand it. In my opinion, I will never miss a Jon Jones f***ing pay-per-view. I’ve heard people say, ‘Oh, he’s cocky. He’s this and [that].’ I wonder what the f**k is going on with that and I’m going to throw this out there, I’m just going to say it: I wonder how much of it is racism. I really do.

“You know why? Because I think they look at him as this cocky black guy and I think a lot of people have an issue with that. I think that if he was a white guy and he was doing the same thing, a la a Chael Sonnen, I think he would be way more popular. Chael was never the successful athlete that Jon is, but I think Chael was way more successful as a promoter than Jon is. Jon has not been nearly as cocky or outwardly braggadocious as Chael was. I just always found it odd when everybody would get upset at him and say that they didn’t like that ‘he’s cocky.’ He’s 25 and he’s the UFC’s light heavyweight champion. He’s the youngest ever UFC champion. He destroyed Shogun [Rua] to win the title and I mean destroyed. He threw a flying knee and hit Shogun in the chin five seconds into their fight. I mean, Jon Jones is a motherf***er. He’s a motherf***er, but for whatever reason people have had an issue with that. I know I’m going to get a bunch of hate tweets. ‘F**k you and your f***ing bulls**t. What do you got? White guilt? Calling out racism?’

Following these comments MMA media outlets swarmed on the story. Rogan claims that some of these outlets have misquoted him for “click bait,” which seems to hold true as “White guilt:’ Joe Rogan blames racist UFC fans for keeping Jon Jones down” was the possibly misleading title of mmamania’s article on the story. If you’re wondering, yes, Rogan called them out on it.

Rogan also took to Twitter today to voice his opinion on the MMA media’s portraly of the story and his comments made about Jones.