Triple H Explains Why He Never Considered MMA


This weekend is Wrestlemania XXX, the Showcase of the Immortals, the biggest event that the WWE throws all year. What comes with this is everyone within the company doing everything in their power to promote the recently-launched WWE Network and Wrestlemania XXX. Who better than the head of creative, Triple H? Triple H, best known for his in-ring work as the leader of DX, later on for being “The Game,” now mainly resides behind a desk as the Executive Vice President, Talent, which more or less means he’s in charge of the company’s creative direction through an executive role.

That can’t keep Triple H away from the ring, though, as he’s scheduled to meet WWE’s newest sensation, Daniel Bryan, in what is anticipated to be one of the best professional wrestling matches in years. Triple H took to Twitter yesterday to answer some questions and one came up asking him if he ever considered MMA. His response is, well, kind of awesome.