Travis Browne Upset with Fabricio Werdum’s Clowning Around

It was a tough loss for Travis Browne when he met Fabricio Werdum at the last UFC on Fox event in the main event. Travis Browne was a freight train derailed in that fight, with Fabricio Werdum moving on to challenge for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. It has to be tough to be Travis Browne right now, especially as he reflects on the fight and sees Fabricio Werdum clowning around during the fight. [source]

Though while Browne said he was too distracted to notice Werdum’s antics the first time around — which included Werdum shouting, throwing his hands up, pointing to the floor, or begging Browne to jump into his guard — upon a second viewing, the 31-year-old American not only noticed them, but found the endless parade of theatrics to be highly disrespectful.

“Watching the fight back, it’s motivating,” Browne flatly said.

“I saw some things (from Werdum) that I’m not okay with.”