Travis Browne Just Annihilated Josh Barnett with Elbows

Alright guys, it’s time to start talking about Travis Browne as a serious force in the UFC’s Heavyweight division. The first fight that really made him turn some serious heads was the knockout victory over Alistair Overeem, but now tonight he just made super short work of the Warmaster Josh Barnett. I mean, Josh Barnett is an incredibly tough guy and Travis Browne just finished him in less than a minute with some crazy elbows.

Barnett was looking to take Travis Browne down and ate a devastating knee to the mush followed up with some crazy elbows to the side of the head. It’s time to start talking about Travis Browne as a legitimate Heavyweight in the UFC and I’m willing to admit it, alright? He’s made two of my favorite Heavyweight look really bad and I’m at peace with it.

GIF by ZProphet