TJ Dillashaw Dominates and Stops Renan Barao in R5

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Man, TJ Dillashaw really turned up the heat tonight at UFC 173. This was TJ Dillashaw’s chance to shine and shine he did. The hype going into the fight was that Renan Barao was Dana White’s new P4P guy, something that he busts out whenever a lighter weight class fighter is defending their title, to the point where it has fallen upon deaf ears. Not many of us saw Renan Barao as the P4P king, but not many expected TJ Dillashaw to not only defeat Renan Barao, but dominate him.

Dillashaw dropped Barao in the first round and Barao was lucky to survive beyond that round. The fight continued on like that, with Barao getting into trouble in round three again, only to continue surviving. Finally in round five Dillashaw connected big and put Barao down, crowning him as the new UFC Bantamweight Champion. Damn, what a performance.