Tito Ortiz is pooping Alexander Shlemenko

I’m calling it now – Shlemenko vs. Ortiz is going to be the fight of the night at Bellator 120. You know my love for Shlemenko runs deep, and say what you will about his antics, Tito can likely still put on some fun fights. He did it exiting the UFC, and he can do it as the bigger man in this fight.

It’s a weird matchup, and that’s why I like it. Finally, Tito is talking about it on MMAFighting:

“I knew I had something left to give. I knew it was a matter of the right fight coming along, so when I heard Schlemenko call me out, it was like, okay, bring it. Shlemenko wants to make his name off of Tito Ortiz. He’s not the first person ever to do this. People have been trying to use my name ever since I was the champ.”

“You know what? I still want to fight Rampage, but that’s for later. Right now all I’m thinking his Shlemenko. I’m eating Shlemenko, I’m sleeping Shlemenko, I’m s—-ing Shlemenko. I promise the fans who tune in on May 17 that I’m going to give them everything I have.”