Tim Kennedy would’ve dropped to 170 if Lawler beat Hendricks

I was cageside for Lawler vs Kennedy, and I have to admit, it was one of the manliest fights I’ve ever seen. The scrambles were intense, both men went 100% for 15 minutes, and you could feel the intensity in the air. The pace they kept up was ungodly. I love both of those fighters dearly.

Now, on the heels of a Joe Rogan Experience, Tim Kennedy has stated that he would’ve dropped to 170 had Lawler beat Hendricks. Color me fascinated.

“I’m 5’11. I have a 73 inch reach,” he explained. “There’s no way I can hang with the 205ers that have 86 inch reaches that are 6’4. I might be as strong as they are, but as Brian Stann calls me, I’m like a squat little hobbit. Angry hobbit, sometimes troll.

“Definitely possible,” said Kennedy. “Honestly, had Robbie Lawler beat Johny Hendricks I would cut to fight Robbie. I think I’d have to be faster at 170. Watching these guys whoosh all over the place.”