This Whole GSP/Johny Hendricks WADA/VADA Stuff is Just Insanity

My god, the more that you read and hear about this whole scenario, the more you just want to hear no more about it. This has rapidly turned into a he-said/she-said situation where GSP originally wanted to use VADA testing but Hendricks and his team found it to be a bit “shady” that GSP is featured prominently on their website and how he seems so insistent on using VADA even when they believed that they were going to move forward with WADA.

Are you confused yet? According to Hendricks, there was a conference call where everyone agreed on using WADA testing, then GSP went forward with a test from VADA and claimed that Johny refused to take the VADA test and Hendricks is now upset about that. Firas Zahabi is now saying that GSP is willing to do any and all tests to make things right.


Johny still seems uneasy with GSP’s relationship with VADA, though.

“I really believe he has a reason to be scared,” the former NCAA champion wrestler said. “I think I can beat GSP. I believe it. There’s a part of me, I believe 100 percent I can beat GSP. Is that why he’s doing it? Is he playing head games to try to distract me? I don’t know. I don’t know GSP. There’s a lot of ways that this can play and I’m just not buying it.

“I know I’m not taking anything,” Hendricks continued. “I know I’m clean. I can pass any drug test given to me at any point at any time. It’s just that I don’t like that somebody has a foot in the door [with VADA]. That’s my biggest concern. There’s certain things going around, that affects what’s going to happen. It doesn’t affect me. I know I’m never going to fail a drug test. I haven’t yet and I know I’m not going to. If I need drugs to help me when then I don’t want to do it.”