Thiago Alves Shares the Secrete of ATT’s Success

Why are you seeing American Top Team everywhere of late? Why the sudden resurgence of the fight camp? According to Thiago Alves, that reason lies in the fact that ATT’s fees for training and management have been slashed to rock bottom levels. The standard among MMA camps that handle management as well has been to skim 20% from a fighter’s income; 10% for management and 10% for training. Usually a big time manager on their own, unaffiliated with a camp will be about 15%. ATT is, according to Thiago Alves, offering all of this for a mere 5%.

In the last two years it just has become so huge since we changed the policy for management and training fees for only five percent. So if you want to have top quality training and the best management out there, we are only charging five percent instead of all the other camps out there. Usually it’s 10 for management, another 10 for training.

That’s kind of crazy, but if it means there are more fighters heading to ATT it will all even out in the end, right? Thiago Alves seems to be on board with it. The question is how this affects the rest of the industry, though. [source]