The Ultimate Fighter Brazil Rumored to Be Cancelled After Just Two Seasons

TV executives in Brazil are apparently a bit more decisive and upfront when they see a show failing, as the rumors are starting to pop up that The Ultimate Fighter Brazil has been cancelled after just two troubled-seasons. Ratings for the second season of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil featured Team Nogueira vs. Team Werdum, but even with both Heavyweights involved the show averaged 1 million viewers, which for broadcast television is not exactly great.

The Ultimate Fighter format is one that has been tired for a long time now, with fans in the United States simply not watching it. The ratings have maintained themselves over the years, but there has been no real growth and no way for them to “pop” ratings like they were able to do with Kimbo Slice and Brock Lesnar a few years ago. Of course, the UFC responded to these rumors and were quick to bat them away, but it still looks like TUF Brazil is doomed, for now. [Source: BE]