The UFC Still Pushing for MMA to Be Considered an Olympic Sport

There has been talk for a while now of the UFC trying to push for MMA to get accepted into the Olympics. I’ll be honest here, it seems quite unlikely that a sport like MMA, which doesn’t really have a viable amateur system in place, would get accepted into the Olympics. Let’s forget the fact that MMA is a pretty brutal sport here for a second, it’s also really not popular enough to warrant admission into the Olympics just yet.

They are still pushing, though.

“Yes we do believe that MMA should be in the Olympics given its prominence as a sport all over the world,” Fischer told Reuters in Singapore after announcing that the first UFC show in the city-state would take place on January 4

“Mixed martial arts, under the global leadership of UFC and us really inspiring and pushing the envelope, I think has a great chance to become an Olympic sport because it is participated now by countries literally all over the world.

“Because of the interest, because of the investment now the startups, gyms, promotions etc that are going into mixed martial arts, then we are very confident that we are going to have the weight behind this movement to be in the Olympics.”