The NSAC has raised the marijuana threshold by 300%. Congrats, Nick Diaz.

And like that: poof, marijuna during training camp seems somewhat manageable. Now the Nick  Diaz’s and Pat Healy’s of the world can smoke freely, and life is good. Let us look back on this famous quote by Dana White, and laugh.

It’s f–king illegal. You can’t do it, it’s a banned substance. Should it be? I don’t necessary think so, I don’t think it’s performance [enhancing],” he declared, his voice rising. ” [But] it doesn’t give a s–t what I think! It doesn’t matter! It’s a banned substance. Every fighter knows that you go in, and you use marijuana, and you get caught, you’re busted. Now the commission’s going to come in — they took that fight away from him — and he’s going to get fined by the commission. He wasn’t eligible for that bonus.