The Ghost of THQ Sues EA and Zuffa Over UFC Rights Acquisition

If there is one thing I don’t believe in, it is definitely anything supernatural, yet, here we are in 2013 staring at the ghost of THQ filing a lawsuit against Electronic Arts and Zuffa over the rights to the UFC video game license. Crazy, right? According to a new report, THQ claims that EA was given confidential documents about their financial status when negotiating selling the UFC rights to them back in late 2011, which EA then took directly to Zuffa. Zuffa then teamed up with EA to force THQ’s hand into selling the rights off for a discounted price by using this privileged information.

EA is set to release their first UFC game this spring since acquiring the license and THQ is no longer a business that is in operation, as they had a huge fire sale earlier this year where they sold off all of their assets.

Maybe it’s time to just stay down, THQ?