The beauty of bodyshots as shown to the world by John Lineker.

It’s a rare and beautiful thing, but we are seeing finishes with body shots more and more often in MMA, which is just fantastic. It’s the fighting equivalent to Arrested Development coming back on the air. Body shots are under appreciated gems in a world of head shots, but maybe, just maybe, if we work together, more people will notice the greatness that Bas Rutten has been preaching for years.

Liver shots, baby.

When Anthony Pettis took down Cerrone with a shot at UFC on FOX 6, it seemed to set the par for UFC shows, now we’re seeing someone go down via bodyshots almost every show. Remember UFC on FOX: Henderson vs. Melendez with Joseph Benavidez crumpling Darren Uyenoyama? Yeah. Now we see John Lineker working the body of Azamat Gashimov.