Team Lloyd Irvin Students Accused of Rape Indicted

Since an alleged New Year’s Eve incident where two of Lloyd Irvin’s students forced themselves upon a female student, we’ve seen Team Lloyd Irvin exposed and fall apart. The rape charges have brought about some serious questions about not only Team Lloyd Irvin, but Lloyd Irvin himself, including dredging up some old charges of attempted rape from his younger days. Those charges against Lloyd were, in a way, quite damning as he wanted to rape a girl, but simply couldn’t perform under such duress.

The way that Team Lloyd Irvin was structured was similar to a cult where only losers quit and winners take what they want. In this case, two of his students took what they wanted when they took advantage of a female student and it looks like there will be little mercy for them in the courts if proven guilty. According to Brent Brookhouse, who has been all over this story since it broke, both men were indicted on somewhere between 11 and 19 charges apiece the other day and there is a plea bargain on the table, conditional to both men accepting it.

This plea bargain involves some serious jail time, but if they do not take the plea and are found guilty, things will only get worse for them.