Takanori will give up beer for a title shot

I love beer. It goes great with everything but milk. I’ll drink just about any beer, as long as it isn’t in a can and it’s actual beer (it also has to be fresh, cold, etc). I would give up beer if I got a UFC title shot though. No matter what division I would weigh-in at I would lose, but I would still give up the beer since it would be ridiculous. 0-0 fighter gets title shot?!

I’m kind of lost at what I’m even thinking right now, but I do know Takanori Gomi would give up beer for a title shot. Had he not been robbed against Diego Sanchez, he would have a 4-0 run and quite an interesting case for a top fight.


“Probably my next fight will be the one in Japan in September. I’ll grab a glass of beer once and then get back to training camp. Every day I’m thinking about retirement, but I know there’s going to be fun out there waiting for me to fight, so I’m still fighting. If I get a title shot, I will quit drinking.”