Stone Cold Steve Austin Not a Jon Jones Fan


Look, it doesn’t matter what you feel about professional wrestling, you know who Stone Cold Steve Austin is and you probably know his catchphrases and what the Stone Cold Stunner is. That is really a testament to how much of a cultural icon Stone Cold Steve Austin still is to this day. If you have been following Steve Austin’s exploits in the past few years, you’ll know that he’s a huge fan of the UFC and MMA, so him going on the MMAHour kind of makes sense. Kind of.

Stone Cold talked with Ariel Helwani about his new show, but also talked MMA and you know what? He doesn’t consider himself a fan of Jon Jones. [source/transcription]

“I mean, you here a little stuff on the side, about his lifestyle. I mean, his lifestyle is a little bit different than what he preaches. But, as a fighter, premiere. And, God, in the light heavyweight division! And Gustafsson really handed him his ass and took him in the deepest water that he’s ever been in. So that’s going to be a hell of a rematch. Anyway, he kind of gets on my nerves because I think he’s living two lives. To a degree, yes (he is a hypocrite).”

“Yeah, (he annoys me), but in a good way. I would love to see him get his ass kicked, because it’s going to take a hell of a man to be able to do that. I come from pro wrestling, I’m not a judge; but I think he (Gustafsson) did enough last time to get that victory. Some people agree, some don’t, nonetheless it was a hell of a fight. And we knew Gus was on his way up to be a superstar. That match made him a superstar. But, what that match proved to me about Jon Jones was that when he’s in deep waters, he had the heart of a champion. So, when I say some things about Jon Jones irritate me, I respect who and what he is inside that Octagon, make no mistake about that.”