Stefan Struve Looks to Return to the UFC in the Spring

After it was discovered that he had a heart condition last year Stefan Struve has kept a rather low profile, working on getting himself back into optimal health before he tries to make a return to the UFC, but it looks like we might be seeing Stefan Struve back sooner rather than later. According to an interview with Stefan Struve today, Struve believes that he is back in great condition and that he feels better than he ever has before, but still has a few hurdles to jump before he’s back. [source]

“Every commission is different, we need to look into that, of course,” Struve said. “I’m not worried about it, for how much it has improved since half a year ago. I was training so much, and the leakage became more and more because I was training so much week after week. The week of the fight, I was tired so much, low on energy, we thought it was because of that, but now we know this, it explains a lot of things.”

That being said, he really does think this will reinvigorate his career.

“When you start training again and when you get the news, you’re thinking your heart, its a scary thing,” Struve said. “But the thing is, there can be so many things wrong with your heart, the thing I have focuses on cardiac output, so you are a lot more tired, you don’t really have the oxygen you need. Right now, I really do have the energy needed to be in the kind of training in the future the fights. I had this my entire life, and this being so much better now, I look forward to getting back better than I’ve ever been.”