Standing Ovation to Anderson Silva’s ‘the Knockout and the Damage Done’

As someone who was once a moderately accomplished musician, I’ve always had a ton of respect for Neil Young. Neil isn’t the greatest guitar player in the world and he isn’t the most complicated songwriter in the world, but everything he does is just so genuine that it’s hard to deny the quality of his work. From his folk days to his grunge days and then back to his more Nashville-inspired days post brain aneurysm and everything in between, his work has just been earnest, heartfelt and amazing. How that links up with Anderson Silva, well, you gotta wait for that one.

See, this is a YouTube video where someone covers Young’s “The Needle and the Damage Done” but instead calls it “The Knockout and the Damage Done” in reference to his loss to Chris Weidman. The same dudes did another Neil Young and Anderson Silva mashup before, but this one is a whole hell of a lot better, maybe because this song is better than “Heart of Gold?” I don’t know.

I really want to see them delve into some of Neil’s edgier work for their next Anderson Silva covering Neil Young song. I mean, if Anderson loses again, Fuckin’ Up would be perfect. God, I could just do this my own damned self (but I probably won’t). Maybe a 30 minute long cover of Cortez the Killer about Anderson?