SHOOTO Brazil Female vs. Male Fight Was Never Going to Happen

Today feels like MMA Mythbusters or something as there was a lot of ridiculous stuff floating around and most of it proved to be absolutely false. The first was Sonnen’s surgery and the second was the much-reported-upon SHOOTO Brazil mixed-gender fight. The UFC’s heavy involvement in Brazil has led to Brazil having tighter restrictions, which of course would impact SHOOTO Brazil. In fact, this was to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Thanks to MMAFighting’s Guilherme Cruz for doing the legwork on this one. [source]

Osiris Maia, member of the Brazilian Mixed Martial Arts Confederation (CBMMA) overseeing the weigh-ins on Thursday, confirmed to MMA Fighting that the fight is not real.

“We can’t do something like that,” Maia said. “(The promoter) can ask everything, even a MMA fight with three guys against one, but we obviously won’t allow it.”

“This ‘fight’ has a social representation that is more important for the society than to the sport,” he continued. “There’s no way a man should fight a woman. This is being done only to show the society the importance of ‘Lei Maria da Penha’. You can’t have a man beating a woman in a sport, so it shouldn’t happen anywhere. That’s what they want to show.”