Shogun says he still wants to be champion again.

I personally think it’s pretty weird whenever a fighter decides to put out a press release after a loss. You never see them after a win, but after a loss, they are even more pathetic and rambling, hitting the same talking points as just about every losing fighter ever. At least Shogun does it with grace and class, but still, come on man. Get with a better camp, stop BJ Penning it up and get back on track.

“I have 11 years in MMA and Vale Tudo, I won everything I always wanted, I achieved everything I dreamed, but I want to do that again. I still want many victories; I still want to become the world champion again. Who decides when I will stop (fighting) or not is myself, no one else. Thank God I’m financially stable, and I keep fighting because I love it.”

“Mauricio invested a lot in this camp, trained with the best, went to the United States to learn new techniques, so we decided to maintain the same team,” Leonardo Salomao, Rua’s manager, stated in the release. “He trained with Freddie Roach in the US, took Jacob Harman to Curitiba, had the support of Glaube Feitosa, Roberto Gordo and Renato Babalu on his corner. He was really well prepared, but Sonnen was better. Mauricio is a winner and I’m sure he will be back.”

“I’m a really competitive guy, who hates to be defeated,” he said. “I know I did everything I should have done during my preparation, but Sonnen was better on the fight. Unfortunately, in the fight (business), we have to wait a lot to return and bounce back. In soccer, you lose on Sunday and win on Wednesday, everything is ok. I’ll get back home, see what went wrong on the fight and train hard to make sure that mistake won’t happen again.”