Shogun Rua Wishes PRIDE Rules Would Come to the UFC

Look, when Shogun Rua speaks we all listen. Sure, Shogun Rua’s UFC run has had its ups and downs and he might be a great example of missed opportunity and a fighter who was at the top of his game at the wrong time in the wrong place, but Shogun Rua is without a doubt one of the best MMA fighters that we’ve ever seen. When asked about the transition to the UFC a few years ago he cited the lack of soccer kicks and the addition of elbows making the transition tough for him.

He also made a curious statement about elbows, siding with Nick Diaz who feels like they are more of a detriment than they appear to be to MMA. [link]

“I hope that one day, the UFC can legalize foot stomps and soccer kicks. It would be great. I miss it. During the PRIDE era, I have no recollection of anyone getting hurt badly from stomps or soccer kicks. Elbows, in truth, really do hurt an opponent.”