Shogun Rua to Have Surgery on Nose Within the Week

Sunday night was a tough night for Mauricio Shogun Rua, he went from dominating Dan Henderson to being smashed in the face by Hendo’s fists, then down on the ground and out. This wasn’t the first tough loss for Shogun Rua, but this was a brutal loss for him, with his nose completely re-arranged on his face. It looks like Shogun Rua will have to undergo plastic surgery to fix the broken nose. [source]

Rua’s manager Eduardo Alonso told FOX Sports on Monday that Rua will visit a doctor on Tuesday and will have surgery within the week, possibly as early as Wednesday.

The good news for Rua is that was the extent of his injuries suffered at the end of Dan Henderson’s crushing right hand.

“His only injury is a broken nose, nothing too serious,” Alonso said. “Other than that, all fine.”

A broken nose usually takes several weeks to heal completely, but specific recovery time is dependent upon the severity of the fracture.