Shinya Aoki Offered UFC Deal But Turns it Down

The folks at One FC want everyone to believe that such a thing as a “duopoly” exists within MMA right now, where the UFC controls the West and One FC controls the East. The UFC has since then become a bit more aggressive with its expansion into Eastern territories with one of the more aggressive offers being sent out to Evolve MMA’s Shinya Aoki. Shinya Aoki represents everything that Asian MMA stands for right now and is really the only “star” that exists, at least to Western fans, that hasn’t signed over already.

But apparently he’s decided to stay with One FC, as his manager cites, due to “financial reasons.” Note the rumors that his manager, Yodchatri Sityodong, has been rumored to have a silent partnership in One FC and that losing Shinya Aoki to the competition would be disastrous. [link]