Shinya Aoki Feels That OneFC Takes Care of Him

Fans were kind of bummed recently when Japanese Featherweight/Lightweight standout Shinya Aoki turned down an offer from the UFC in favor or staying with OneFC in Singapore. Many have been looking for a reason why Shinya Aoki would turn down the “Superbowl of MMA” for a lesser promotion in Asia, but now we’ve heard from him and the answer isn’t that surprising.

According to Aoki, the promotion has taken care of him and he feels like there is more of a future for him within OneFC.

“OneFC has taken care of me,” Aoki said.

“They’ve treated me well. I know the fighters there and I’m comfortable in OneFC. I think I have more to gain from fighting there.”

It also shouldn’t come as a shock as Shinya Aoki has spoken in the past about his distaste for the American, wrestling-heavy style that he encountered against Gilbert Melendez in Strikeforce. Some fans will be critical of this decision, but the truth is that Shinya Aoki is a big star in Asia and is treated accordingly. His alliance with Evolve MMA and OneFC most likely makes him a good deal of money, which seems to be in his best interest. [source]