Shayne Baszler responds to her ‘haters’

She rubbed people the wrong way with her strong convictions and confidence on The Ultimate Fighter, then everyone mocked and laughed at her when she lost, but something you can’t take away from Baszler fought when no one else was fighting, especially women, so give her at least some due, OK?

Shayne went on PunchDrunkGamer to discuss her haters and how she feels about the reactions to her personality on TUF, and the Josh Barnett protege had some interesting stuff to say.

Everybody seems to be all up in arms about the playing card in the bra but for anyone who has followed my career, they know I always pull some type of antic. One time I had a lightsaber at weigh-ins when I was fighting in Invicta FC, I always try to spice it up somehow. The weigh-ins are boring, you stand on a scale, then your opponent stands on a scale, then you face eachother, its just dumb. So I always try to do something to inject some entertainment but I was very limited being in the TUF house. I didn’t have any props, toys or fun costumes available…. we had access to a chess board and playing cards. I thought it was funny but apparently some people got all butt hurt by it, they must be offended by playing cards. As far as the trash talk goes, I said what I said but it definitely looked worse since they took everything I had been saying for a while and lumped it all together for that one-hour episode. It is all part of the fight game and you have to be confident no matter who you are fighting. I fought my close friend Tara LaRosa and I forced myself to find something that I didn’t like about her going into that fight.

I guess if I had the balls to critique someone who sits on their couch and switches their channels with their little remote control I would but I don’t want to overstep my bounds. They can point all the fingers and talk on the interwebs all they want but for all of the fingers they are pointing at me, I don’t see any being pointed at Julianna. Unfortunately for her, she had a big upset but no one is talking about her. All you haters are talking about me, so keep it up, keep the traffic moving. Thanks, it is much appreciated. Also, stay tuned this week haters because I may have a surprise up my sleeve for you!