Shaq Still Wants to Fight Jose Canseco

It appears that after all of this time, Shaq still wants to test out the ole’ Shaq-Fu in the ring at some point, even if he knows that the UFC wants none of that right now. His intended target: still Jose Canseco. It seems that the two of them are still exchanging barbs and that Shaq is taking it personally, looking to get his hands on Canseco in any “professional” way that he can to settle this. You can’t make this stuff up. [source]

“I’ll probably knock him out in 42 seconds,” said O’Neal. “I need to just play with him a little bit. Give the fans their money’s worth and then knock him out.”

“There is no beef, just me wanting to be like a UFC fighter. A lot of people ask me who I would like to fight and that’s who I want to fight. I don’t have beef with earthlings.”