Shannon Knapp Assures Fans that Invicta FC is Going Nowhere

Fans were surprised today when Dana White announced that the UFC would be adding Women’s Strawweight in the near future, which is a big deal as the UFC currently only has Women’s Bantamweight. The initial excitement probably soon led to questions about the future of Invicta FC. Invicta FC is the premier women’s MMA organization in the world right now, hosting most of the world’s top talent and putting on some extremely entertaining shows.

If you were to ask where UFC’s Strawweight division would come from the answer was simple; Invcita FC. For a lot of us it has been a waiting game; when will the UFC expand its Women’s MMA divisions and when will they try to buy out Invicta FC? Invicta FC head Shannon Knapp has a good relationship with the UFC to where Dana wouldn’t look to crush them, but it still seems like only a matter of time. To the contrary, Knapp released a statement today discussing the strong future that Invicta FC has ahead of it.

I think it’s a testament to how well Invicta is doing, and I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish for the women in the sport. We’ve just begun our work, and we want to keep making a difference. There’s going to be a demand for more talent. I plan to give them a home where new strawweight competitors can be built up. This doesn’t mean the end of anything. Honestly, this is just the beginning.

There’s still plenty of work to be done in all of the women’s divisions. I’m looking at this as a personal and professional victory, and it is of tremendous benefit to the athletes. When the biggest organization out there is taking a look at what you’ve done, and they embrace it, then you know you’ve succeeded.