Shane del Rosario Situation Still Very Much Up in the Air

It has almost been a week now since UFC Heavyweight Shane del Rosario suffered what has been reported as two heart attacks that have left him in the hospital in critical condition now for a week. It has been an oddly confusing week  for everyone on the outside as reports that have been coming in have been terse, riddled with metaphor and sometimes confusing. Del Rosario was initially reported to be deceased last week as close friends and his trainers were publicly mourning his passing.

The talk on Thursday and Friday was that del Rosario was still alive but not registering brain activity, with his family opting to remove him from life support. Of course, Shane kept breathing, but many of his friends saw it as only a matter of time for him, especially without registering brain activity. Now reports have been coming out over the weekend of del Rosario registering some brain activity and squeezing his mother’s finger.

It is unclear what actual condition he is in at the moment, but we’ll keep you posted on this.