Scott Coker is the new Bellator President


Wow. Today is a very interesting day. In fact, today is probably the most interesting day in MMA since Strikeforce died, or UFC 151 died. Instead of death, however, we get to see Scott Coker the phoenix rising from the promotor ashes.

I think Bellator is about to make some big moves, and in turn, it means the UFC is going to have to step up their product. SCott Coker is here, and he’s taking names.

Spike TV President Kevin Kay made the announcement:

“We are excited to have Scott Coker lead us in a new direction as we evolve the league format from a tournament-based organization to a more traditional model with big fights.”

You read that right – less tournaments, more big fights. Fascinating. If we get what will essentially be Strikeforce 2.0 on Spike, this will be huge.