The Saddest MMA Auction: Mark Coleman Selling His PRIDE GP Trophy

The sport of MMA is at some times a really sad one. The sport isn’t exactly friendly to its competitors once they are forced to hang up their gloves and little trunks, that is, unless the UFC wants to keep you on as an analyst. But for the old guard that was never an option and they are all too punch drunk to be trotted out in suits on Fox Sports, so you get sad stories like Mark Coleman selling his PRIDE GP 2000 trophy on eBay. Mark Coleman has it listed up on eBay right now for $24,500, or approximately the salary that a cart pusher at Walmart will pull in during the span of a year if they are allowed some overtime.

That is where we are at right now, where Mark Coleman is selling off a piece of history for an asking price that seems a bit steep, probably because he needs the money. How sad would it be to have someone with money buy that as a fun memento while the guy who won the damned thing just needs the money? So if you feel like helping out Mark Coleman and have an extra 20-something grand laying around, make it happen. [source]