Rumors About a Brock Lesnar Return to UFC Begin to Swirl

Brock Lesnar. The name should even evoke some form of emotion from UFC fans, as Brock Lesnar is a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. In fact, he looked unbeatable for a period, with his crushing defeats of Heath Herring, Randy Couture and Frank Mir. The Brock Lesnar era was one that Heavyweight MMA will never forget, as he was one of the UFC’s biggest draws — EVER.

So if he were to return? My god. The timing seems perfect, as GSP, the company’s other biggest draw, has stepped away from the Octagon with no return date provided. So there has been talk about WWE allowing Brock to go back to UFC under a non-exclusive contract and, well, the rumors are a’swirling.





File this under the “fascinating” pile, that’s for sure.