Roy Nelson Feels That the UFC Will Never Give Him a Title Shot

Being a UFC fighter, the ultimate that you can achieve is to win a championship, or at least to get yourself a title shot and to measure yourself against the current champion and at least say that you tried. For Roy Nelson, he believes that the UFC will never give him that shot to prove himself. Dana White, of course, does not agree with this, and points out that Roy Nelson needs to piece together wins against upper-level Heavyweights if he really wants that shot at the big time, which he has not been able to do just yet.

It isn’t often that I find myself pointing to Dana White as the sensible one in an argument, but in this case, yeah. 

“Roy has this belief that we won’t give him a title shot,” White said. “We just won’t do it.”

“You’ve got to beat the guys to get a title (shot),” White said. “He’s never beat the guys to get himself in line for a title shot.”

Roy has been given fights against top competition, which would lead him to a title shot, but he has fallen short every time; JDS, Mir and Werdum.