Roy Nelson doesn’t want his fight against Cormier to have any hugging

Good for Roy. Although I think that if he stands with Cormier, the Olympic wrestler will knock him out, thus ending Roy’s incredible streak of not being knocked out in the UFC as a heavyweight. I could be completely wrong, maybe Cormier won’t want to stand with Roy and will continually press him against the cage, who knows? But I do know that it’s trash talk like this that makes me interested in this fight coming to us this Saturday at UFC 166.

“There’s a couple different ways (to win). I think the biggest thing is don’t let him hug me. Don’t let him push me up against the cage and just do a boring, ugly fight and piss the fans off. I think that’s the biggest thing you don’t want to do is piss the fans off because they are the ones that pay the bills.”