Rousimar Palhares’ Streak of Bad Luck Continues with Injury

If you are Rousimar Palhares you have to feel pretty crappy right about now. His last win in the UFC ended up costing him his job within the organization and every major promotion has since then decided that he is damaged goods. It was a surprise when Royce Gracie’s World Jiu-Jitsu Expo added him to the card in a grappling match with Dean Lister, but he was added none-the-less. The problem comes now in that Rousimar Palhares has suffered a shoulder injury and has been forced to pull out of the competition.

According to Royce Gracie, Rousimar Palhares suffered a shoulder injury in training and they are now looking for a replacement to fight Dean Lister. Royce also believes that Palhares doesn’t deserve all of the harsh criticism that he’s taking. He describes Palhares as a Luke Skywalker-like figure.

“Palhares is like a 12 years old kid,” he said. “He was raised in a farm in Brazil, and you can’t picture a farm in Iowa. He’s so naive. The reality is, he has a completely different mindset. They’re born like Indians, and it’s like getting an Indian from the jungle and expect them to live here.”

I guess we can officially say that Rousimar Palhares has fallen upon Hard Times, daddy.