Ross Pearson’s Camp Claims Jackson MMA Fighters Not Tested

Saturday night was a rough night for Ross Pearson, who fought a smart fight against Albuquerque native Diego Sanchez but lost the decision. It turns out that judging wasn’t the only preferential treatment that Ross Pearson’s camp saw that night. His cornerman Dean Amasinger explains what went down this past Saturday.

“Ross was drug tested before the fight, which is perfectly normal,” he told MMAjunkie. “That’s absolutely fine, and all this stuff is supposed to be random. But when Ross came back from the drug test, he said to me, ‘I’ve seen the list; none of the Jackson guys are on the drug test list, or the New Mexican guys who are fighting on the card.’ And so I went and checked and that was the case.

“I made a note to (UFC site coordinator) Burt Watson and I said, ‘I want to let you know that I’m feeling uncomfortable about that.’”

If this is true, this only stacked the deck even more against Ross Pearson and lines up with some of the reports that were bandied about from the Diaz camp after the fight with GSP about him getting special treatment in Canada. [source]