Rosi Sexton is a Little Bit Bitter at UFC Commentator Joe Rogan

Rosi Sexton took a pretty big beating this Saturday at UFC Fight Night against Jessica Andrade. It was clear that she was getting worked over and taking a lot of damage, which caused UFC color commentator Joe Rogan to make comments about how she was looking rough and how her corner should consider stopping the fight for her safety. This wouldn’t be the first time in recent memory where a fighter took a huge beating and their corner should have stopped them.

It turns out that Rosi Sexton didn’t take this lightly, she seems to be a bit insulted by Rogan, actually, which is unfortunate. Joe Rogan sometimes writes his own narratives as to what is going on in the ring, but he does genuinely care about the fighters and their safety. Sexton took to social media today to assure everyone that she was fine while also taking a dig at Joe Rogan.

48 hours post fight – I have 2 black eyes, otherwise I’m 100% fine. You could have given me an IQ test as I stepped out of the cage, and I’d still have scored higher than Joe Rogan.

What do you think, is Rosi Sexton’s rage justified or is she being a bit tough on Rogan?