Rony Jason’s Suspension Gets a Little Bit Longer After Locker Room Incident

In a way you gotta give it up to the Brazilian MMA Commission for really going out of their way to be legitimate. Then again, sometimes it feels like they are doing so much to put forth that air of legitimacy that some of it seems to be lost in translation. Their latest interesting decision comes with tacking on 30 days to Rony Jason’s suspension, coming off of a 180-day medical suspension after his brutal knockout loss. Yes, that was a six month medical suspension for a Knockout loss, now with another 30 days added on for Rony Jason throwing an elbow at a door backstage after the fight while blowing off some steam.

That elbow actually put him in the hospital, needing stitches, it now also means he can’t fight until June thanks to the extra 30 days. I don’t know, it wasn’t like he took a swing at a person, right? If fighters can’t blow off steam, what can they do, weep gently into a towel with ether in it? I don’t get it. This is MMA, there is testosterone involved and he paid his price by getting cut. Poor Rony Jason.