Ronda Rousey’s Coach Thinks She Knocks Out Cyborg Justino

Edmond Tarverdyan is in the unique position of being a coach for Ronda Rousey, getting to witness Ronda Rousey’s growth from Olympic Judoka to MMA world champion and be an integral part of that. After Ronda Rousey’s dissection of Alexis Davis at UFC 175 Tarverdyan seems confident that Rousey would be able to not only win against Cris Cyborg Justino, but be able to knock her out on her feet, a place where Cyborg is most feared. [source]

“Absolutely, I like that fight,” the Armenian coach said of a potential Rousey-Cyborg bout. “I love that fight. Ronda knows, I spoke to Ronda. I said, ‘You knock out Cyborg any given day.’ Ronda knocks out Cyborg. I believe even with one hand she fights Cyborg, she beats her.

“But that’s an exciting fight. That’s what I believe, but that’s a great fight, yes. Cyborg is a swinger, she’s tough. She’ll let her hands go and then she’ll get into a fight with Ronda and that’s an exciting fight. But what I believe with my fighter is my fighter is the best in the world. I would love to see that fight.”