Ronda Rousey Taps Out a Game Miesha Tate in Round Three

Let’s be honest here, this has been a night of first round finishes and not many people gave Miesha Tate a chance to get beyond round one, yet Miesha held on until round three, which is quite admirable. Ronda Rousey might have some improved striking, but her Judo is still the name of the game as her throws and grappling were the deciding factor in the fight. Tate really held on and landed a few great strikes in R1 and R2, even escaping an armbar in R2, but it couldn’t last forever.

Early into round three Ronda got Miesha down and pulled off yet another textbook armbar while the fans booed Rousey out of the ring and continued to cheer Miesha Tate post fight. Interesting. Props to both women on a tremendously entertaining fight and to Ronda Rousey for staying cool under pressure.