Ronda Rousey Sells a Bulldog Like a Champ

Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler have been posting videos of them goofing around in the gym a bit lately, with there being some focus on professional wrestling. It makes sense, since Shayna is such a huge fan and all, going as far as to convince the other girls to be fans as well. Ronda Rousey’s background in Judo means that she knows how to take a bump and her work as an actress means that she’s got some experience in making things that aren’t real look real.

So now when you look at this video that Jessamyn Duke posted of Shayna and Ronda doing more wrassling, well, it’s kind of awesome. Ronda sells a kick to the gut like a champ before taking a one-handed bulldog from Baszler and giving it a bump that the pros would be proud of. I really wouldn’t be shocked if we saw Shayna and Ronda approached by WWE to come in for a match at Wrestlemania or something, honestly. I mean, they had Akebono in a Sumo match and Floyd Mayweather in one as well in recent years. Why not?