Ronda Rousey Seems Committed to Staying in MMA

Ronda Rousey is the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion and everything that comes with it. The former Olympic Judoka has made quite a career for herself and quickly become the new face of Women’s MMA, taking the spot that was once held by Gina Carano. With that spot comes Hollywood knocking down her door, which Ronda Rousey seems okay with immediately heeding the call of.

There has been some speculation due to the increase of roles that Ronda Rousey has been offered if she will stick to MMA or go the way of Gina Carano and depart. Well, it looks like Rousey seems committed, for now. [source]

Today during a pre-UFC 170 media session in Los Angeles, the women’s MMA notable addressed the speculation that the fame and fortune of some additional film roles will eventually pull her from the grueling grind of being a cage fighter.

“Well, I’m a fighter,” she said flatly. “I enjoy fighting, and I was doing judo for a decade and a half for pretty much no money, and if money was what was really important for me, I might be a stockbroker right now.”