Ronda Rousey Refers to Cyborg as an ‘It’ Again

At this point we know Ronda Rousey’s opinion of Cris “Cyborg” Justino. We know that Ronda doesn’t think much of Cyborg and, in fact, refers to her as an “it” as opposed to a woman. It’s a bit shocking, considering that she’s the face of the UFC right now, that she continues to push a narrative. Then again, Dana White isn’t far off from that. The latest on Ronda Rousey is a piece from the New Yorker profiling her, where Justino comes up again and Rousey, once again, refers to Justino as an “it.” [source]

“In a perfect world, she wouldn’t have been taking all those steroids and hormones for so many years that she ceased to be a woman anymore,” Rousey said one afternoon, when Cyborg’s name was mentioned—she was driving back to the gym from a nearby juice bar, and her sunny mood suddenly darkened. “In a perfect world, she would be a girl and not an it.” This sounded more like passionate indignation than like idle pre-fight trash talk. Beneath Rousey’s anti-drug message, you could also hear echoes of the old insistence that women fighters take pains to be scrupulously feminine, lest the spectre of manliness turn the fledgling sport into a freak show.

What do you think? Is Ronda Rousey justified in her criticism, or is she going too far?