Ronda Rousey Really Tears into Bryan Caraway – We All Get to Laugh

It’s no secret that UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is not a fan of Miesha Tate’s boyfriend, Bryan Caraway. In fact, lots of people are not a fan of Bryan Caraway and he seems to come up as the butt of many jokes within the MMA community. It really kind of is what it is, though. That is what he gets for having an attractive girlfriend and having a big mouth about it. We all kind of know those kind of guys in real life, so it is no surprise that one in a field we all care about is known as kind of a douche.

Ronda was part of a Google Hangout featuring some selected media the other day and when the topic of Caraway came up, well, she didn’t hold back. Not at all. The question was first if she’d fight him and then it just went from there.

“I’d have been down.”

“God, that guy’s a douche. Just everyone. No one likes him. Have you ever heard anyone like, ‘Oh, I love that Caraway chap?’ No, it never happens. It’s just bad juju. You could just see, he’s got, like, this film of douche on him. There’s just nothing, there’s nothing you like. Maybe the people at Bosley Hair Restoration like him. Black and Decker.”

“People are saying ‘Oh, Ronda has a big crush on Bryan, that’s why she hates him so much!’ You see he’s got some braces on his face. And I was joking to Miesha like ‘Hey, is your romantic life suffering because of that?’…and she didn’t get it. So I was like, I had to be a little more direct, because it was a little too intelligent for her. So the next time I see him, I should call him the Black and Decker coochie wrecker.”