Ronda Rousey puts a bunch of “hating twitter b****s on blast.”

Don’t sass Ronda. Those are words to live by, because if you question her, you’ll get a lashing and put in your place with a women’s wrath the likes of which you’ve never seen. Don’t mess with Ronda, don’t sass Ronda; it’s all pretty simple.

After Ronda announced she could be done with MMA within 2 years, I guess the world took it to her on twitter, and this was her baller response:

“To everyone giving me s–t for ‘hypothetically retiring’ someday – ill retire when I feel like my mark has been made and Im ready to make babies.

My best guess was 2-3 years but thats a guess, who knows, the day Im not overjoyed 2 go 2 the gym is the day I quit. Could be tomorrow or in 7 years.

But ill tell you what, every1 giving me s–t 4 entertaining the idea is expediting it. Im a fighter & always will be, only ill know when its enough.

So f— all you hating twitter b—hes, have a great time spending the rest of your day seething over my options and choices.

And for everyone that has my back and has been supportive through all this. Thank you so much, I can’t explain how much I appreciate you all.”