Ronda Rousey OK with Being Second Attraction Behind Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman II

Ronda Rousey has become one of the fastest-rising stars in the UFC’s history, making major waves by being the first UFC Women’s Champion and becoming the poster girl for the UFC. That’s really an accomplishment in and of itself, as was her headlining a PPV in the UFC. But this next time that she fights she won’t be the headliner, instead Anderson Silva getting his rematch against Chris Weidman will be the headliner, and according to Rousey, that is OK.

“I’m super stoked about being on the same card as Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman,” Rousey told USA TODAY Sports and ( “It’ll alleviate some of the promotional stress and pressure because there’ll be more of us working to promote this big card.”

“Their fight may very well be the fight of the year, maybe even in the history of the company, and I think it’s an honor to be a part of that,” Rousey said.